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Belief Statement

Our current major emphases include the use of technology to support writing and preparing teachers across the curriculum for meaningful writing instruction aligned with the Common Core Standards. In addition to these two emphases, the National Writing Project at WVU follows these basic tenets:

  1. Student writing can be improved by improving the teaching of writing. 
  2. The best teacher of teachers is another teacher. 
  3. Programs designed to improve the teaching of writing must involve teachers at all grade levels from all subject areas. 
  4. The writing problem can best be solved through co-operatively planned university-school programs. 
  5. Change can best be accomplished by those who work in the schools, not by transient consultants or by pre-packaged systems. 
  6. Meaningful change can only occur over time. 
  7. What is known about teaching writing comes not only from research but from the practice of those who teach writing. 
  8. Teachers of writing must write.