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Professional Development Workshops

Professional Development Workshops

The National Writing Project at West Virginia University offers workshops on writing and teaching writing that are designed for teachers of all levels and disciplines.

All presentations include:

  • underlying theory and research
  • writing activities
  • classroom experience descriptions
  • student writing samples
  • question and answer sessions
  • discussion
  • handouts

The type of professional development workshop that is best for you depends on the needs of your teachers and the goals of your program. We encourage that you consult with our Director or one of our Program Coordinators before scheduling a workshop. Together, we can design a workshop that will offer your teachers practical classroom experience based on sound theory and research. If teacher attendance is mandatory rather than voluntary, we request that participants be offered a choice of presentations.

Current Workshops Available
Professional Development Demonstrations NWP

Our network of teacher consultants allows us to design a wide range of workshops to meet the needs of your teachers and students. Some exisiting workshops include
* Invention Strategies
* Writing-to-Learn Strategies
* Peer Response Strategies
* Speaking/Writing Connections
* Reading/Writing Connections
* Writing and Technology
* Teaching and Learning Portfolios

Our fees usually start at $300 for a 60 – 90-minute small group workshop of 10 – 25 people. However, we will always work with schools to make the Writing Project accessible and affordable to the teachers of West Virginia.

For more information, please contact one of our site Directors, Audra Slocum ( or Malayna Bernstein (