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Teacher Leadership Institute

Please Note: NWP@WVU has traditionally offered a four-week invitational summer institute for teachers on writing and writing instruction. Due to the loss of federal funding for the National Writing Project, we are unable to offer this extended opportunity each summer. Please check back for the next date it will be offered. 

The National Writing Project hosts a special Teacher Leadership Institute (TLI) during the summer. At this event, a group of teacher leaders, and teachers with leadership potential, are invited to engage in deep analysis, reflection on, and revision of their practices of teaching argumentative/persuasive and informational writing. We also strive to explore what it means to be an informal teacher leader through collaborative inquiry groups.

The Teacher Leadership Institute is for teachers from kindergarten through high school and for all content areas. This is not just for Language Arts teachers!

The institute is designed to build experienced teachers’ capacity as leaders in research-based writing instruction. To accomplish this goal, Teachers will work in small groups (4-5 teachers) with an expert instructor who specializes in their age group (elementary, middle, or high school). Instructors will guide teachers in developing a writing-intensive, NxGen-aligned unit for their own classes, along with a professional development session designed for colleagues. In support of this planning and their own development, teachers will engage in readings in about writing in their disciplines, share model lessons, reflect on their practice , and  write.

Event Details


Participation Details 

As a participant, you will register for the 3-credit graduate course in the College of Education & Human Services (course number is TBD). The cost of this course is has been reduced for this specific institute to $207, and it is the your responsibility. These graduate credit hours are applicable to the Advanced Masters, Ed.D., and Interdisciplinary Ph.D. programs in education.

Each participant will receive a $500 stipend. The stipend will be disbursed in two parts. The first, $400, will be disbursed at the end of the summer session. The second allotment ($100) will be disbursed following the autumn one-day workshop.

There are two applications needed to participate in the TLI, one is directly to the NWP@WVU and the other is to the WVU Graduate School. Both applications are due by March 1st, 2015.

To access the online applications, please go to TLI Application 
You can also apply directly to the WVU Graduate School through this link:

If you are already enrolled in a graduate program at WVU, you do not need to re-apply. If you are not interested in pursuing a graduate degree at this time, you still need to apply to the WVU Graduate School, but can do so for a non-degree program. You can transfer the graduate credits from this institute at a later time if you decide to pursue a graduate degree at a later time. You can also use the graduate school application for a graduate program in education (e.g. Advanced Masters, Ed.D., Ph.D., etc.); just indicate your targeted program on your application to the WVU Graduate School. For details on the programs available, see the College of Education and Human Services website

If you have any questions regarding the institute or the application process, please contact Co-Director Dr. Audra Slocum at

Teacher Leadership Institute Videos

Each year our Technology Liason creates a video that captures the spirit of that years Teacher Leadership Institute. Take a look: