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NWP Library

The NWP at WVU library is currently in 604 Allen Hall and contains over 800 volumes divided into 23 pedagogical categories. Teachers are welcome to check out books. If you are interested in doing so, please contact Audra Slocum at


  1. Technology and Writing
  2. Teaching Writing
  3. Writing in Content Areas
  4. Writing in Genres
  5. Writing Process
  6. Writing Conferences/Workshops
  7. Writing Centers
  8. Writing and Cognition
  9. Reading/Writing Connections
  10. Grammar and Style
  11. Assessment
  12. Evaluation and Response
  13. Portfolios
  14. Groups, Collaboration, Community
  15. Teaching in Content Areas
  16. Teaching Practices/Pedagogy
  17. Whole Language
  18. Teacher/Researcher
  19. Tutoring/ESL/Developmental Issues
  20. Multi/Cross Cultural Issues
  21. Multimedia and Teaching
  22. Literature and Nonfiction Writing Samples
  23. Composition and Rhetoric (College Level Texts)